I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine and an Affiliate of UNC’s Carolina Population Center. As a sociologist and demographer, I specialize in the areas of population health, social inequality, family, fertility, and quantitative methods.

Broadly, I am interested in understanding how the early life environment contributes to social and health disparities observed in adulthood. I focus on identifying both inter-generational processes (parent-child transmissions of social inequality) and intra-generational processes (life course development of health and social well-being) that shape social and health disparities. I have published sole-authored and collaborative work in journals such as Demography, Journal of Health and Social BehaviorJournal of Marriage & Family, Population Research and Policy Review, and Social Science & Medicine.

I am currently working on an NICHD-funded K99/R00 project identifying preconception health and social factors within the early life environment that influence women’s perinatal health outcomes in adulthood, such as offspring low birth weight and fetal growth restriction. Through the K99 phase of this project, I received cross-disciplinary training in reproductive epidemiology, economics, Bayesian statistics, and spatial analysis that has expanded my research in this area.